Summit ↗ is your AI life coach that helps you organize & track your goals, holds you accountable, and is there for you 24/7 at your fingertips. Summit’s AI helps you break down big goals into achievable milestones and habits. Tracking progress is easy via texting your coach and integrations.

The founder, Alex, turned to Kind Heart to redesign their product experience. Over the course of three months, we redesigned the app entirely, supplying both dark mode and light mode themes, designing net new product swings, a shiny new landing page, and an investor deck for their seed fundraise.

Mobile App Design
Brand Design
Deck Design

"Working with Kind Heart is a no-brainer. They have the perfect combination of product intuition, amazing design skills, and work extremely efficiently across all areas of the design stack: from product design, to branding, to marketing. They will immediately up level your team and product. If you get the chance to work them, do it."

Alex Roe

Founder @ Summit

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