JarsAI ↗ is building a platform for creating and watching interactive shows using generative AI. With Jars, anyone can dream up a pitch/product idea for a show like JarsTank (a Shark Tank spin-off), and see their idea come to life in seconds. Viewers can easily share their episode ideas with friends, and build off each others' storylines for a fun, social experience.

Chris, the co-founder at Jars, approached Kind Heart to redesign their product experience. After having worked with a cheap, off-shore freelancer and not having a great experience, they wanted a design partner they could trust to redesign their product and take new product bets with.

Web Product Design
Mobile Product Design

"THIS IS DOPE. You’re definitely catching a strong intuition of where we want to be headed with this."

Chris Kruger

Co-Founder, Jars AI

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