Slambox ↗ is building a perception engine for real life. Imagine being able to use your phone camera to scan a space, and being able to interact with it in a variety of different ways. With Slambox, you’ll be able to instantly know how many emergency shutoffs are in a room, or what the shortest path is between a space. The use cases are endless, from security, to real estate, to entertainment and more.

The founder, Jeff Rose, turned to Kind Heart to design their seed deck in parallel to their brand identity. Over the course of 3 weeks, we workshopped a pitch deck together while developing a brand that felt reflective of their mission.

Deck Design
Brand Design

"My team needed a fundraising deck cleaned up and improved by a designer, and Jeff and team helped us get it turned around to be ready to pitch quickly. They were easy to work with, and we’ve had success in the pitches. Great work!"

Jeff Rose

Founder & CEO, Slambox

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